Reno 21 is a building extension based on James 2:1 -“…show no partiality as you hold the faith in our Lord Jesus Christ.”  We are called to be a church for all people!  As a result, our main goals include:

  • wheelchair accessibility;
  • a safe children’s area;
  • a safe office area; and,
  • room to grow.

The project is now completed and we are excited for you to come visit! You can view the video below to see the progression of the project! You can also help us by donating to our building fund (link below) as we work to pay off our loan for this project! Blessings!.

Finished-1-reno21 Finished-2-reno21

Want to help financially support this project?
This project is funded by the donations of those who support Bethel. If you would like to help support this expansion project, you can securely donate through PayPal by clicking below: