We are very pleased to announce the opening of Bethel Library! Led by Vera Menchenton, this ministry will prove to be beneficial to all of our members. Please visit and peruse our books. You may find something to suit your needs, whether it be for study or pleasure.


Sunday – 10:00-10:25 am (Also, after the morning service. Please see one of our Team Members listed below.)

Sunday – 5:45-6:00 pm (Also, after the evening discussion. Please see one of our Team Members listed below.)

You can also see one of our Team Members during our regular ministry events throughout each month if you’d like to visit our Library during those events.


  • Enid Chaulk
  • Telsie Head
  • Eileen Holmes
  • Bonnie Hopkins
  • Vera Menchenton
  • Rebecca Mercer
  • Renee Mercer
  • Rebecca Ricketts
  • Michelle Stride

Please contact Vera Menchenton @ 786-4299, Telsie Head @ 788-2107 or Renee Mercer @ 786-6552.

You can help fund this ministry by donating in person or online:

Bethel Library