Welcome to Bethel!

We are a small local family church community located in Bay Roberts, NL.  We may have roots that go back to 1931, but our ministry goals and corresponding mindset are contemporary and out-of-the-box.  We strongly believe in proclaiming the gospel as a message of hope and love!  Our goal as believers is to GROW together as we WORSHIP, LOVE and SERVE.


We are all on a different journey of faith. Our prayer is that we all move forward in that journey – that we are deeper in our faith tomorrow than we are today.  Our ministries encourage growth and allow for grace along the way.


We love God, and our journey of growth has to include loving our Father and Creator. We encourage and promote having a personal relationship with Jesus and we accept His saving grace. This happens on Sunday morning at Bethel, but extends to every aspect our lives. Everything from how we love God with our finances (giving) to our time (calendars).


We believe in welcoming and loving everyone around us. There was a time when the church community wasn’t so good at this, but the mission has changed and the mindset of ministry with it. All are welcome at Bethel and our growing group of young families is proof of that reality.


It wouldn’t be complete unless we reciprocated and served those around us. At Bethel, we encourage everyone to engage themselves in some role of servanthood. We have no intention of over-working, but every intention for wholehearted servanthood. When we give our best, our commitment brings great value with it!

If you don’t already have a Church family, we would love for you and your family to connect with us!