What is Online Giving?
It’s a convenient way of financially supporting Bethel and our ministry efforts by donating through our highly secure web system.

Why give online?
It benefits you and us. It’s convenient for you and your budgeting, allowing you to donate even when work, sickness, or vacation may keep you away on Sunday. It also helps reduce the amount of cash and cheques in our possession, while increasing cash flow. Consistent income is very important when operating as a non-profit organization.

How do I give online?
Giving is very simple. We provide this service securely through PayPal.  Provide your information for receipting and tracking purposes and follow PayPal’s instructions to donate. Click here to get started.

Can I give to missions, building fund, or another area of ministry?
Yes, by entering the correct amount in the corresponding donation field. Click here to start.

If I have an issue, problem or question, is there someone I can ask for help?
Yes, please contact the church office (709-786-7598) or by email (info@bethelbr.com).

Can I pay for a special event online?
Yes, when we offer special events, you can purchase tickets and/or pay appropriate fees online.  A special page is available when we have special events.

Will I receive an official receipt when I donate?
Yes, after year end (Dec 31st), we will mail you an official receipt for tax purposes.  This is why accurate information is required when you make your donation.

Do I need to create an account?
You can donate without creating an account. We only ask for your information if we need it and is only retained for receipting purposes. You can start by clicking here.

Is online giving secure?
Yes, we’ve taken steps to ensure that the giving process is safe and secure from beginning to end. All of your giving data is PCI DSS compliant, and is secured by a number of security measures.

Are there any extra costs involved?
There are no extra fees charged to the person who is donating. When using credit cards, however, there are always small fees involved. Bethel takes care of these banking fees; however, if you wish to add 2% to your donation, you’ll help cover these fees on our behalf.

If you have any further questions, please contact us.