Podcast 2013 Top Ten

PodcastWe launched our podcast in the summer of 2013. Since then, we have posted many of our 2013 sermons including some of our guests during the year. Here is a list of our top ten sermons based on number of downloads:


  1. “Christianity & Halloween” – Andrew Holm
  2. “Mom’s Impact” – Andrew Holm
  3. “Persistent Faith” – Jedrin Ngungu
  4. “The True Vine” – Andrew Ball
  5. “There’s Something In My Eye” (Speak Life Series) – Andrew Holm
  6. “Three-In-One” (Trinity Series) – Andrew Holm
  7. “Growing Together” (Our Mission Series) – Andrew Holm
  8. “Father’s Day 2013” – Deidre Holm
  9. “God Gives Us More Than We Can Handle” – Andrew Holm
  10. “Would Anyone Like Dessert?” (Our Mission Series) – Andrew Holm